The Washington State Department of Commerce is Seeking Comment on a New State Funded Shelter Program to Begin August 2020

The Washington State Department of Commerce is seeking comment on a new state funded Shelter Program to begin August 2020. Commerce intends for communities to use equitable and creative approaches to develop this new program and bring people inside. Local governments will be eligible for $40 million from the Home Security Funds Account. Funds will be awarded for a three year period: August 2020 to June 2023.

Please be aware that only local governments, including counties and cities, will be eligible to apply directly for funds. A number of counties typically “opt-out” of accepting funds to address homelessness from Commerce, and those funds subsequently become open to local nonprofits for application. That is not the case with these funds. If the county government or city governments in your county do not apply for funds, no funds will reach your jurisdiction.

Commerce is opening a comment period on the proposed program design, you can find the overview here

Please respond in writing by close of business Thursday, June 4th to Megan Kendig at