Health Equity

Across the nation, gaps in health are large, persistent and increasing—many of them caused by barriers set up at all levels of our society. After all, it’s hard to be healthy without access to good jobs and schools and, safe, affordable homes. Health equity means increasing opportunities for everyone to live the healthiest life possible, no matter who we are, where we live, or how much money we make (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation).

Thurston Thrives, in partnership with the Thurston County Public Health & Social Services Department, is conducting a community health assessment, to better understand how Thurston County is addressing health equity barriers. Results from the assessment will guide the work of Thurston Thrives, as we update our 2020 workplan.

What is a health assessment?

  • A community health assessment is a data and community-informed process designed to identify where improvements are needed.
  • Health equity involves working to improve health and well-being for everyone.
  • To achieve equity, we need to better understand local health disparities.
  • Disparities are avoidable differences in health experienced by different groups of people and communities.


Achieving the highest level of health and well-being for all people


Avoidable differences between groups of people created by societal barriers and systematic exclusion from opportunities

Health equity
Commitment to a course of action that reduces, and ultimately eliminates, health disparities so that optimal health for all is possible.

Want to learn more about the data?

Findings will begin to be available in October 2019. Current presentation slides can be found here:

Also, visit the Thurston County Health Equity page for ongoing updates on the process, and the most recent data publications. Data will be released as available, through early 2020.