Thurston Thrives is a community initiative to improve the health and safety for all people in Thurston County. Using a collective impact framework, Thurston Thrives brings together local jurisdictions, businesses and nonprofits to find new ways of working together to address our regions’ most pressing needs.

Thurston Thrives is based upon the model of the social determinants of health—that the conditions in the places where people live, learn, work, and play affect a wide range of health risks and outcomes. We believe that health is more than healthcare, and that our community’s complex problems—poverty, homelessness, or kindergarten readiness—cannot be solved by one organization alone.

The core of our work takes place in the Action Teams, which combine the expertise of professionals from a variety of sectors to identify strategies and goals through a collaborative approach. These teams work in eight areas, modeled after the social determinants of health.

As a collaborative network of community partners and leaders, Thurston Thrives creates the platform and leverage to inform regional policies and develop innovative actions; align our cross-sector efforts for measurable results; and ensure Thurston County is a healthy and thriving place to live, work and play for current and future generations.