Thurston Thrives is a community-wide effort to improve public health and safety for all our residents.

Collective Impact – Diverse organizations coming together to solve complex social problems

Thurston Thrives – Improving Community Health

We believe in clean air, fresh water, pleasant neighborhoods, nutritious food, great schools, living wage jobs, safe and affordable housing, thriving kids and families, and we believe in caring for one another. We believe in a strong and healthy community, and that everyone has a part to play in it.

8 Action Teams

implement strategies to achieve community health improvement targets.

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Coordinating Council helps guide the strategic direction of Thurston Thrives

The Thurston Thrives Coordinating Council is a citizen advisory group that works with the eight Action Teams to address key factors that impact community health and safety, including healthy behaviors, housing, social and economic factors, education, our physical and built environment, and community services.

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