Hope Thurston

Research tells us that hope is the single best predictor of a person’s ability to thrive and flourish. People who have hope are more productive at work, they are higher achievers, attain higher academic success and they are healthier, with lower rates of depression and PTSD.

In fact, when you define hope and start looking at the components of hope, researchers are able to measure hope — hope at an individual-level, organizational-level, and community-level.

In June, Hope Thurston, in partnership with Saint Martin’s University, The Evergreen State College, South Puget Sound Community College, Thurston Thrives, The Community Foundation of South Puget Sound, Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Thurston Chamber Foundation and Dr. Chan Hellman from the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa, will measure, analyze and establish a Thurston County “Hope Score.” This data will inform the development of strategies to improve social determinants of health in alignment with the Thurston Thrives framework.

How Hopeful is Thurston County? Click here to take the survey online!

How Hopeful is Thurston County? Click here for a printable PDF of the survey!