Coordinating Council

Thurston Thrives was founded by the Thurston County Board of Health in 2013 and, since 2015, is now overseen by a 24-member public-private Coordinating Council comprised of representatives from: funders (non-governmental), business, action teams/hubs, local government, and education, as well as two members at large. The Council is staffed by the Thurston Thrives Director, Krosbie Carter.

The general purposes of the Coordinating Council are to measure, promote, and sustain the Thurston Thrives initiative to improve the health and safety of all Thurston County residents. Its core functions are to:

  • Foster continuous communication between Council, staff, and Action Teams/Hubs, and support the advancement of Thurston Thrives strategies and goals;
  • Identify community needs, gaps and opportunities;
  • Review data and measures of progress;
  • Set strategic goals for system and process improvement;
  • Pursue resources to support Thurston Thrives strategy implementation; and
  • Help with engaging the wider community and maintaining high level of public awareness of the actions being done to further Thurston Thrives.

Coordinating Council meetings are open to the public. They are held on the third Monday of each month from 3:00-5:00pm at the Thurston EDC Center for Business and Innovation, located at 4220 6th Ave SE, Lacey, WA 98503.

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